4 tips for designers by saad raja to empower their clients

Your clients want everything out of you, don’t they? They need their chosen designs, access to each and every part of their site and what not! Previously, this used to be a very difficult task for us designers, but now empowering your client is actually a reality. Empowering your client means that you make sure he succeeds regardless of whether you’ll always remain his designer or not. Here are 4 tips by saad raja to help you fulfill your client needs without taking risks on your web assets.

1) Give your clients options to choose from

Before you select any particular platform to build your client’s site, allow him to test several website builders so he can see which one chooses his needs and demands best. Your clients are going to be the ones who maintain their sites so why not let them choose the platforms themselves so they cannot come up with complaints later? You can’t keep your control on your client’s site so it is greatly advisable that you let them have control over the choice of web assets.

2) Provide your clients with suitable training

You can’t be the only learned one here! You need to train your clients to do their basic tasks like uploading, rewriting and overwriting files, accessing their data and making edits on their sites. They can learn bits of these themselves but you need to train them so they can control their sites on their own.

3) Maintain a separate account for each client

It’s not necessary that you’re going to be the only one handling your client’s project throughout. At any point in time, you might have to pass it to another developer and for that, you need to make sure that you have stored your client’s complete account somewhere properly. If you have a mixed up account of several clients, it might cause unnecessary delays in giving the client his account information whenever he requests it. In your account, keep everything related to the project from the host accounts to logins etc.

4) Use tools that the client can learn

Designing tools and practices can be really hard sometimes for even professionals so when designing your client’s project, try and make use of scripts, plugins, and tools that they can easily learn to operate.