6 Popular Features for Mobile Phone Buyers

Mobile phones have changed drastically over the years as computer microchips have become smaller. Today’s mobiles have the same type of apps as found on laptop computers, but in a smaller format. When shopping for a mobile, most people choose models based on the features they come with, including those listed below.

Voice Dialling

For people who are on the go, voice dialling can be an invaluable feature. Since it is illegal in most places to use a mobile while driving, you can attach the mobile to the dash of your car and still make phone calls. Voice dialling allows you to say the name of the person or business you need to contact and, as long as they’re in your contacts list, the number will be automatically dialled.

Memory Expansion

If you download emails, photographs, or documents onto your mobile, then you may need to expand its memory. Some models will allow you to add an additional memory card on which to store the information or images you download. This can help expand the memory without requiring you to download everything onto your mobile phone.


Taking selfies with friends, family, or pets and posting them on social media sites has become a very popular thing to do with a mobile. Models such as the F1s Selfie Expert offers high resolution front cameras to make it easier to take selfies and post them online. Most mobiles also have a back camera so you can use it to take photos of other people or places.

Video Camera

Mobiles with camera capability are often capable of filming videos as well. Entire movies have been shot on mobiles and uploaded onto the internet. Videos of pets and children doing funny things are also very popular to share on social media sites.

Music Downloads

Younger people often download music to their mobiles, so having an MP3 player is important for many people. Entire albums can be downloaded and played back on most mobile phones, so you can listen to your favourite music wherever you go. People with musical talent may even compose their own music, record it, and then post it onto their social media accounts so other people can hear it, perhaps even a music producer.

Internet Access

Most good mobile phones allow you to browse the internet to look up information, such as the nearest Chinese takeout near your new house. While some mobile phones are created with web pages specifically designed for them, other mobiles have full browsers so you can access regular websites. You can use the mobile’s data to do online searches or access Wi-Fi service wherever you’re at to look up information.

There are many more features available on most new mobile phone models, but these six are some of the most sought after features when new ones are purchased. Other people may want to play games on their mobiles or take notes, but taking photos, videos, and listening to music are some of the most common tasks, which makes them essential features on any mobile.