Convenient Additions for Your Vehicle That Deliver Real Benefits

There are so many new gadgets and fun things to add to jazz up the tech in your vehicle, that it’s tough to know where to start. We have looked through the available options and come up with some additions that could almost be considered essentials in this modern, always-on digital world we live in now.

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Here are three additions to make road travel safer and more fun.

GPS Tracking & Services

You might have heard of a car tracking device and not seriously considered it before. If that’s the case, then it’s time to reconsider. For owners of a car tracking device – how good is the solution you already own?

With DriveIt, you have permitted driving zones and alerts should the vehicle stray outside of the zones. Speed alerts when driving too fast (or another family member is) help you to avoid getting a speeding ticket. Should the vehicle be involved in a crash or is being towed, these get separately alerted. There’s mobile connectivity apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry too and a low battery on the GPS unit itself triggers a message to replace it.

You can also remotely unlock your car doors to avoid using a key (or, if you cannot find them in the house). The engine can be disabled too if the vehicle is stolen. Oh… and there’s the usual GPS tracking that you’d expect too!

Phone, Meet the Entertainment System

When you bring your smartphone along, it would be cool if it can ‘play nice’ with the car’s entertainment system. Thankfully, Apple developed CarPlay and Google created Android Auto to do just that.

You can talk to Siri or your Android digital assistant inside your vehicle by saying the magic words to begin the conversation. Google Maps is accessible to use as a tool to see how close you are to your destination today. And accessing contacts, making calls, and sending an SMS text back to someone all hands-free makes light work of staying in touch while keeping both hands on the steering wheel. And if you keep the Bluetooth earpiece in, you won’t look totally like you’re talking to yourself either!

Touchscreen Envy

Have you flown commercial recently and been envious of the touchscreen that was embedded in the back of the seat in front of you? Easy touchscreen controls to play your favorite musical artist, catch a movie, or read a magazine on a 7-inch or larger digital display makes it easier to see the finer details with older sets of eyes.

There are now Bluetooth-enabled standalone displays that feature compatibility with Google’s Android Auto and Apple AirPlay too. The AirPlay-compatible models allow iPhone owners to stream content over to the touchscreen while Bluetooth can perform the same thing. Many of the digital and premium radio systems like Pandora work with these fancy touchscreens too. They do work better with a paid subscription, but most streaming radio or TV services offer some free content.

The longer the journey, the more inconvenient it is, especially when stuck in traffic. Adding some little extras that make journeys more tolerable for all the passengers helps everyone arrive with more energy and in high spirits too.