Dean EAB Fretless Acoustic Bass

If you’re a practicing musician/student in need of an affordable bass guitar, the Dean EAB fretless acoustic bass might be exactly what you need. It’s well-balanced, looks good, and, most importantly, sounds decent. What else does a beginner need to be happy, right? Let us go ahead and take a closer look at it in order to learn all the pros of this instrument. First of all, we want to say that Dean Guitars is a US-based company that specializes in building musical instruments: entry-level, intermediate-level, and professional ones. Founded in the 70s, it’s been along for quite a long time and has all the respect in the world.

Initially, they wanted to create a guitar that would look and sound equally good – with a unique design and a cheap price-tag, so that every single person out there could buy it. This instrument is among their greatest achievements, and it definitely is among the best picks for a novice. But what about the materials and the construction, you might ask? Well, first of all, the guitar is made of mahogany wood. The fret, however, is rosewood, while the top is spruce. It’s safe to say that these materials will serve you for many years and will feel great in your hands, both of which are very important when it comes to the guitar.

Getting Technical with the Dean EAB Fretless Acoustic Bass 

As for the dimensions, this is a full-sized, “serious” instrument. The shape, in turn, is a bit different from what most musicians are used to. At the same time, thanks to a clever design, it feels great in your hands and will become your favorite new guitar. Important note: the grown-ups and the teenagers won’t have any problems with this axe. Sadly, if you’re a little kid, the rather unusual shape might be a bit problematic for you. The strings are standard, made of metal. The good news is – they stay in tune for quite a long time. The sound of the strings is well-balanced and strong. The beginners might struggle a bit with fingering, though.

Don’t be afraid to use something more friendlily at first and only then move on to finger-picking. Fact: nylon strings are a lot more comfortable to play, which means the entry-level musicians should definitely buy a pair and practice with them. Once you master your guitar-playing skills on the Dean EAB fretless acoustic bass, move on to the metal strings. At the end of the day, this is a very clever purchase, as you’ll get not only a sturdy, well-designed body but also quite decent sounds for an instrument in this price range. Let’s speak about that in more details next.

The Dean EAB Fretless Acoustic Bass – How Does It Sound In Real Life? 

Now, as the name suggests, this is an electro-acoustic guitar, meaning it is good not only for the classic patterns, for also some hard-driven, electric stuff. In the acoustic mode, it easily beats most of the rivals and can compete with the more expensive models. The tones are nice, “mature”, and the bass sounds great at any volume levels. The electric (or plugged) mode, in turn, leaves a lot to be desired. In this mode, it’s solid, but loses most of its charm and turns into a regular beginner-level instrument. Well, most of us pick acoustic fretless bass guitars for playing classic bass, not hard rock or metal rock, right?

At the end of the day, this is a wonderful bang for the buck. As an acoustic guitar, it performs beautifully and managed to exceed our wildest hopes and dreams. One of the best things about acoustic/electro bass guitars is the fact that they keep their value for years and you’ll be able to sell this model for a nice price once you feel the need for an upgrade. And this is another huge selling point for Dean’s best-selling guitar!