How to Build an Inexpensive Home Theater System?

Home theater systems are becoming popular these days, and people love to enjoy movies on TV or laptop with family and friends than spending money on movie tickets every time. Now many types of home theater systems have come up, as people want more advanced and unique options. Though the basic thing in a system has not changed over a decade or so, what has changed is people’s priorities and taste.

Changing Times

It was about couple of decades ago when home theater systems were meant for just music; earlier, people used to spend more time in stores looking for variety of songs, listening to them on speakers, before choosing the model to purchase. But now, people get a visual experience with this system, as they can watch films and make well-informed decisions. In short, people want the home theater systems to be not only visually appealing, but also except them to deliver great sound quality, and video playback.

Watching Movies on PC

Those who don’t want to spend money on a home theater system choose to play blu ray on PC and watch movies at home. And, they need a good software program like Arcsoft Total Media Theatre to watch Blu-ray movies on PC

It could cost you as much as $1000 for buying an external Blu-ray player, and Total Media theater offers you just about everything at fraction of that price, right from ability to play Blu-ray, SD, and HD videos. It also allows users to stream videos from Internet and YouTube. You can download the free trial version to test this superb blu ray player for Windows.


Benefits of a Home Theater System

The home theater system has most features required for a basis system, such as surround sound receiver, speakers, DVD or VCR recorder. Another benefit of this system is its compactness, and it’s designed to fit the room, not to overwhelm the whole space.

The DVRs aren’t larger in size than the regular DVD player, though some home theater systems come with separate DVD receiver or player components. The speakers also would be very compact and small enough to be placed correctly in shelves or room corners. It is very easy to install home theater in-box, as most cable connections are given and all you require is a television with audio output and AV inputs.

The cost of flat panel TVs is falling down, while its quality is going up, and hence more folks are looking for bigger flat panels in their system. The cost of the system relies on user’s entertainment requirements.


The Cost Factor

The big box system might cost above $4000 and it’s highly advisable to look for customizable options to make the most of it. You need to have a flat panel, remote control, and speakers that all might cost around $9000. If budget is not your concern, you can also have personalized media rooms with perfect projector that offers better movie quality over theater.

Due to the advancements in technology, the prices of home theater products have also dropped, and the Blu-ray technology is also becoming more affordable, and it has helped both users and manufacturers in making the most out of them.

So, go ahead and enjoy your favorite movies in Blu-ray right on your laptop or build your own home theater and have a blast with friends and family.

Jimmy Jack is the author of this post and his interests include technology, automotive electronics, and videography.