How to convert video with Movavi Video Converter

Everyone likes to take pictures and videos in order to make their happy moments into cherish able memories. Previously there was no facility available for capturing videos and now with lots of development and advancement in technology there are numerous electronic devices available which can perfectly capture our pleasant moments thereby we can see those moments whenever we want to see. After the evolution of these electronic devices, there was emergence of numerous number of editing software where we can create the best of the pictures and videos into perfect movie of our memories. But there was no best software which can perfectly create those videos how one wanted to have.


Movavi Video Converter

With a video converter, you can do many kinds of works related to editing for pictures and videos. Choosing the right converter is important since not all the converters provide you the best features only few does it right. Also we must choose the video converters based on our requirements and needs. Movavi video converter is one of the best video converters available which can provide best service to you and it contains many attractive features. With Movavi video converter you can create multimedia files into wonderful videos and playback it instantly with any type of formats which is compatible with your devices.

Features of Movavi video converter

There are many features available which can make the best of all your moments. Some of the features of this video converter are

Extract audio with this feature you can extract any type of audio either from video or any tracks to save it as ringtone or sample tones for any other purposes. It can support any type of formats available in the market.

Adjust audio in this feature you can set your own parameters to alter or adjust your audio of your tracks and samples as per your requirements.  You can increase or decrease the level of sound or completely mute it with just one click.

Create GIFS you can create comic GIFS for your videos.

Save framesyou can take screenshots from your videos and create your own pictures.

Share online you can share the created video on various social networks.

Watch folder- you can create your folder and save all the files and set parameters which can convert your files automatically.

Flexible settings- you can customize your requirements using this option.

Two pass encodingwith this feature you can optimize between the size and quality of your video.

The best thing about this video converter is that you can create your own video faster with any format supported by your devices. It is available free of cost and you can download this software easily and simply with the steps given in the official site.