How to Find the best SEO Agency

Are you in search of a genuine SEO agency for improving the online presence of your website? Then you have to play the smartest tricks to select the best among the rest as you will confront a sea of options as you look ahead for a company for great SEO Services.

The moment you air a website, you will start receiving email after email or even calls from the digital marketing firms from across the globe. Mostly they will promise you the great link building and guaranteed first page ranking in the premier search engines. Can you randomly select any one of them considering only the assertions and the competitive rates? Maybe not! Therefore, in that case, know a couple of tricks to follow while finding the most sought after SEO agency for your site optimization.

Check the website of the agency calling you

Agencies claiming themselves to be the “best” or the “one-stop” service provider will put a mark of their excellence on their official websites. You must have that bull’s eye to scrutinize the website and make sure that the agency has a mastermind working with them.

 Maybe, you cannot expect optimum ranking from the company’s websites that are new in business. But their brilliance can be showcased from the on-page SEO, compelling Meta Descriptions, keywords researched and the overall presentation of the website.

For example, a website with clumsy graphics and poor color combination will not entice you. Also, check whether the site is opening in the real time or if it is mobile-friendly like responsive or not. Nowadays, the static websites are experiencing a setback soon after the recent Google Update in 2015. At the same time, take a look at the quality of the content inserted in the website. Check the quality and relevance of the main pages and subpages.

You can personally audit the website to know the daily hits and traffic generation as such. Depending on that, the standard of the SEO team can be understood. If it is satisfactory, you can go ahead to hire the agency for your own website.

Take a look at the previous clients

Genuine and experienced companies serve portfolios to their new or aspiring clients. Take some time out in exploring the portfolios of your shortlisted SEO agencies. Don’t be fooled by the logos of popular brands they often mention on the websites. Go deep to know the exact work they have done for the brand or the client of that brand.

There must be something impressive about the portfolios that will entice you as a client, try to find it and study it accordingly. After a comparative study and analysis of all the portfolios, you can select a firm and go ahead to hire it.

Along with checking these things, explore the reputation of the company from the online reviews. Also, talk to them about the relationship they are going to maintain with you as mostly SEO services are long-term. You should also compare the pricing as the agencies mostly offer competitive rates for the long term services.

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