How To Make Your Content Great for Links

If you own e-commerce or other types of business websites, content will always be at the core of an efficient e-marketing strategy. And while there is a bit of controversy whether SEO is really important in the long run, there is no doubt that SEO will always be a staple component of an effective inbound marketing plan.

One important aspect of SEO that is really considered as a ranking factor by Google and other search engines is “backlinking”. Backlinking basically refers to the number of external links from other websites that refer back to your website or individual web pages and articles. The more (quality) external links you have, the higher the chances of getting a better placing on Google. Here are also some 9 factors in brief that impact your SEO link-building strategy.

1.Effective writing

Written content is of great importance when you are developing an SEO strategy for your websites. In fact, according to Magicdust quality content is one of the 9 Important Features of Every Good Website. Despite some occasional adjustments to search engine algorithms, good content will always be regarded as an SEO ranking factor.

2. Crafting useful content

Besides making your text look good, you should aim to make it useful and informative so that other websites can gladly link back to your content.

3.Become a great resource

Sure, your website may not be as valuable as other giants in the field but you can still make it a great authority for other websites to share and link your content. You can simply do this by getting in touch with non-competing sites and ask them to link back to your content or simply exchange links of each other.

4. Showcase your expertise

When readers come to your websites, they are ideally looking for expert information that can be easily found anywhere else. Your content should always reflect your expertise in the field so you can convey a sense of authority and trust to your readers.

5. Post engaging content

Interactive content channels like video, image slides, and social media buttons will help raise the level of  reader engagement with your website. You can specifically add a video on your home page to raise views and the number of followers and make it easier for Google to find and rank your content, through the video/multimedia section.

6. Raise your links to other websites

Besides having lots of external links back to the website, you can also do the opposite as well and include links to other external sites from your website (also known as “outbound” links). This is a vital part of SEO that does contribute to improving your SEO placing over time. You can contact some relevant non-competing sites to complete this backlinking to and from your website.

7. Include strong headings

Even though good content is important for SEO purposes, you still have to catch the eye of your visitors and you can do this by simply using robust and clear headings and subheadings in your written content.

8. Make backlinking easy

Backlinking shouldn’t be a fancy process to be effective. Make it easy for other websites to link back to you by including a shareable HTML code or URL they can copy and paste on their websites directly.

9. Utilize social media

As social media is so widely used, you should always aim to use it in your strategy to raise the amount of links and clicks to your social media profiles and even websites. If you use Facebook or LinkedIn for example, you place your website link on your profiles so people can click it and be forwarded to your website.

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