Important Trends to Consider to Prepare your Site for the Future

This year, Google is expected to handle more than two trillion searches. There are more than one billion websites, accessed through all kinds of devices and progress continues as computer double in memory and speed about every couple of years. It is important for webmasters to deal with a constant influx of CMS systems, software, hardware and apps and they are challenged to keep up.

So how exactly do you design your site for the future? How can you come up with a future-proof website now using available technology today? How can you optimize that site for Google and future-proof it against any SEO updates in the future?

Tablets and Mobile Devices

A responsive website design is the first essential when designing for today’s contemporary world. Your text and images must change layout to display well on a big or small screen to ensure your website still looks beautiful. Also, useful information must be positioned near the page’s top to allow visitors to quickly see what every page is about even if they access this from a small mobile device. Also, menus must be responsive and just include items that visitors may actually use.


Voice Recognition Software

Voice technologies today are the way of the future and with the improvement of voice to text software, they will become more famous.

In May this year, Google announced that 20 percent of internet searches in the United States are voice and developers believe that voice-based search will displace text search as the future’s feature. From an SEO perspective, this simply means short 1 or 2 word searches will be less common. Keywords may always play a role and it is important to include them in your metatag. But, this suggests that writing metatags and content as well as concentrating on long-tail searches for people first and Google second is the right way to go.

Artificial Intelligence

As Google refines its algorithms to identify the site that is best for a certain phrase or keyword and can continuously take real-time data into consideration, this means having a high quality site will equate more with a high search engine ranking. Also, this means that finishing a quality content marketing campaign will be more successful than other kinds of marketing.


Whatever keeps website visitors on your site, increases the possibility they will buy a service or product and keeps them informed, educated or entertained, is more how search engines will measure quality. With the development of artificial intelligence, this means you need to design more for users instead of for an algorithm.

Also, Google can tell what is in a picture and even where that picture was taken. With this in mind, having original, relevant illustrations or photos will become more essential over time.  Have at least one image on each web page so that page will appear higher in search results.

Invention of new technology is something we cannot predict. But we can consider the technology in development and design and optimize sites with this in mind. Many of this is about designing for the experience of users.