Linux or Windows: Choosing the Best Platform for Your Reseller Hosting

As a hosting reseller, you need to be careful before buying a Reseller Hosting plan. After all, you will be hosting websites of your customers and hence, you must be comfortable with the overall working of the server environment. Reseller Hosting plans are available in two variants – Windows and Linux. In this article, we will compare the two and help you choose the best platform for your Reseller Hosting.

The primary difference between a Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting plan is the operating system. So, if you have never used the Linux operating system, then you might want to try your hands on a system with a Linux OS before making up your mind.

Difference between Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting plans

Feature Linux Reseller Hosting vs. Windows Reseller Hosting
Customizability Linux OS offers more customization options over Windows. If you are not planning to customize the hosting environment, then you can opt for Windows Reseller Hosting plans.
Applications As a hosting reseller, you will use several applications. Further, the web hosting company offering the reseller plan will offer various features for installing applications too. Being an open-source platform, Linux allows the installation of a higher number of applications as compared to Windows.

However, you must remember that some applications might only run on Windows while some others might only run on Linux. Therefore, if you have any specific applications that you want to run, then ensure that you check their compatibility before opting for either of the plans.

Stability Both Linux and Windows offer one the most stable environments. However, since Linux is an open-source platform, there are regular development and updates giving it a slight edge over Windows.
Developing web applications using .NET This is an aspect where Windows Reseller Hosting plans score better than Linux. Windows works amazingly with .NET. Therefore, you can you can develop web applications much quicker with Windows than Linux. Hence, if you plan to develop web applications, then you should opt for Windows Reseller Hosting plans.
Costs Most web hosting companies provide cost-efficient Reseller Hosting packages. However, if we were to compare the two, then Linux is a cheaper alternative to Windows. The reason is simple, Linux is a free platform whereas Windows is not.
Setting Up Setting up and configuring the OS in your server is easier with Windows as compared to Linux. It is also less time-consuming with Windows.
Security Both Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting plans offer top-notch security features. However, here the advantage tilts a little in favor of Windows since it is more secure than Linux.

Summing Up

Remember, whether you choose Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting plan, you will have some advantages and some disadvantages. Before you choose one of the two, ensure that you assess your requirements and technical adeptness well. After all, you will be responsible for offering seamless services to multiple site owners. Hence, you must be sure about all the features and aspects of your hosting plan. Good Luck!