Management Software for Corporate IT

When a business is just a few employees, it is easier to keep track of who is into what parts of your company network and why. But the moment that business grows, the needs to control who is using which parts of your network, and perhaps damaging it, are harder to control.

That is why it is so important to have great access management software that keeps that all under control. But keeping track of what kind of software offers the best solutions can be cumbersome and expensive. Just what are the things you should be looking for if your company is looking to invest in some new software for managing access to your network? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

When Employees Leave

One of the biggest security breaches for larger companies is ex-employees. This is because removing access to networks and negating access privileges is often overlooked.

While you may take away their email access, did you remember to look into all access privileges for this employee when they leave? With over 30% of all breaches coming from this one problem, it is important to implement good policy in your human resource department that includes network access at all levels.

Who Has What Rights

It is pretty much impossible to have your IT department see who has access rights to what across your entire network or enterprise. But you can control the levels of access that individuals have and should do so at all times.

There are some employees that can be designated as “least privilege” because their job really doesn’t require access. Making sure that this level is implemented for anyone who meets the requirements is a good first step towards securing your network against unauthorized access.

Preventing Fraud

Sometimes the temptation is just too great, so why even put it in the front of your employees? If you do not implement a separation of duty boundary for those employees who are in sensitive positions, you are opening yourself up to possible fraud or misuse.

Make it a habit for your business to review these restrictions on a regular basis. This includes whenever anyone has a change in position that may also be affected by this dangerous situation.

I Lost My Password

How often has your IT techs heard this? While we know that this is all too common, does your IT department have secure and truly complex authentication procedures for it? It is so often a lazy employee who uses the same password for everything, or one too easy to crack, that leads to infiltration or worse.

Don’t leave your system open with poor authentication procedures for your employee emails. It is the first place that hackers look, so make sure yours are secure.

Be Proactive in Security

As you can see from all of this, the best way to keep your network secure is to be proactive in all aspects of its security. From how your HR Department handles releasing employees to what requirements your IT Department makes for upgrading passwords, set it in place now.

While looking for the latest in security software may make this job a bit easier, it really comes down to decisions made before you have that dreaded black hat hacker attack. Be prepared, like a Boy Scout, and keep your company safe.