These Fashion Products Sold the Most in 2016

As every year passes by, the trend in fashion tends to mutate, evolve, and change direction mostly depending on the tastes of different societies. 2016 was full many surprises especially in the fashion sector as we saw various trends that consisted of a mixture of streetwear, high fashion, and sneakers. While many designers stuck to the usual safe trends and came up with products similar to what we’ve seen over the years but with minor changes, some designers came up with some interesting out of the box ideas for clothes that appealed to geeks and as it turns out, their fashion products actually ended up among the top sellers in 2016. Below are some of these fashion products that came from which sold the most in 2016.

1. Star Wars Holiday Sweaters.
These Star Wars holiday sweaters are exactly what you would expect, a small tribute to the Christmas holiday season’s dark side. Buyers can choose from a design that featured a storm trooper in a Santa hat in front of a green 100% acrylic sweater or a design which featured Darth Vader himself with snowflakes on the front of a red acrylic sweater. Patterns of imperial logos, snowflakes, and TIE fighters can be seen around the body and arms of the green sweater. The Darth Vader sweater is however completely free of any Christmas iconography making it appropriate for people who come from different religious beliefs.

2. Harry Potter House Scarves.
The Harry Potter house scarves were made for those harry potter fans who would like to represent their favorite Hogwarts house during the cold season. Each of the scarves has been licensed officially and is over 6-feet long made of very comfortable lamb’s wool featuring the colors and coat of arms of the different Hogwarts houses which are; Ravenclaw, Slytherin. Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. The scarfs are great for people looking for easy cosplay outfits and you could even choose the Slytherin scarf to honor the passing of Alan Rickman, who played professor Snape in the movies.

3. Mega Man Hoodie.
This Mega Man hoodie was designed for people who would like to show off their gamer side. The hood itself consists of a very intricately designed 3D helmet sewn onto it and a left arm with a mega blaster printed on it. The Zipper is a small vinyl E-Tank and the hood itself has been lined with small 8-bit icons. All of these features make a great combination for any cosplay convention. The materials of the hood consist of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and the entire hoodie is officially licensed Capcom merchandise.

4. Jedi Bathrobes.
The Jedi Bathrobes were designed to look just like the robes worn by the Jedi in the Star Wars series. These bathrobes are great for wearing after a nice shower or even in cosplay events and they do give you that feeling of being a silent but deadly master of the Jedi forces. The robes themselves are made of 100% cotton velour and come with a Jedi logo carefully embroidered on the front. Each robe is large and consists of a sash belt, large hood, and sleeves that are wide. The Jedi Bathrobes are perfect for the single guy who can forget that his life is not shallow and lonely by easily decking out in these fine Jedi Robes.

5. Reversible Chewbacca Jacket.
This reversible Chewbacca Jacket is great for people who would like to show off some swag during the cold season. The jacket itself has been officially licensed, heavyweight, and reversible with the Chewbacca side being completely covered with Faux Fur and also consisting of an embroidered bandolier across its front and back sides. Flipping the hoodie inside out reveals a secondary design that was inspired by the parka worn by Hans Solo (played by Harrison Ford) when he was on the planet, Hoth. This intriguing reversible Chewbacca jacket is definitely capable of making anyone look like the king of all the Wookie lands even without CGI animations.