Top Tech Gifts Ideas for your Corporate Clients

It would be hard to believe, but holidays would be merely a few anxious shopping days away. The season has been traditionally the time when you would direct your attention on buying unique, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family. This holiday season has also been a perfect opportunity to reward along with showing you appreciation for people who would be vital to the overall success of the business endeavours. These would be valued customers, executives, distributors, vendors and management.


Consequently, find below a compiled list of top five corporate ideas for tech gifts for clients. In case, you have been searching for the same old and boring docking stations and USB drives, you should think out of the box again. That is not what you would be receiving. Find below a list of gifts of the following traits such as usability and uniqueness.

Distance calculating communicating golf caddy

You would be able to talk about an ideal gift for an executive who loves golfing. This unique GPS unit has been the size of your palm. It would communicate to the user verbally about their distance from the green. These state of the art features would allow the golfer to change the club along with the shot selection. Having a database of more than 35,000 pre-loaded courses; it would recognize where you have been playing along with all kinds of dimensions linked to the course. You could also measure the length of drives, distance to back, front or centre of the green along with ease. Salespeople and executives who would meet their clients on the golf course would become the talk of the town when they make use of this gadget.

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Waterproof iPad case

This unique product would cater a higher degree of utility for any professional who wishes to utilize an iPad tablet. It comes equipped with a lifetime guarantee. The astounding case would not affect the sound quality. Therefore, people you have enlisted for offering corporate gifts would be able to make the most of their tablet for play and work in the comfort of their pool.

Bluetooth speakerphone affixed on steering wheel

For the travelling business, life would become simply easy with the advent of this unique cordless Bluetooth speakerphone that can be affixed to your steering wheel. This device allows the speaker and microphone to be placed closer to your mouth for enhanced hands-free cell phone conversations. It has been made compatible with all Bluetooth devices along with displaying all calls on the digital screen. The device would save ten most recent incoming calls in the memory. Moreover, it would be able to download approximately 300 contacts from the phone. With your voice command or the touch of a button, you could easily reject or accept calls. This highly innovative item would be able to revolutionize the manner in which business communication would be taken care of in cars.


Rewarding and rewarding your colleagues with the use of the innovative technology gifts such as the above would be for strengthening relationship, improving morals and showing them appreciation for their contribution for business.