Understanding the Internet of Things

For sure everyone of us would rather if everything can just be operated automatically like you only set this and that and that will go on until you will set again otherwise just like an alarm clock for example. With an alarm clock in your phone, you only need to set it once and it will go off on the same time according to your set schedule. But then again, though there are things that are already in this situation, still this is just a wishful thinking. You might think that this is an impossible dream in fact.


However, there is a great possibility that this might be realized and in fact, it seems that the odds are even on its side. Yes and this is the Internet of Things (IoT). What is IOT? This is a system where everything can be automated like you don’t need to set your tv every time you want to watch it, you don’t need to always schedule orders for your business as everything will just be renewed unless you will reset them. In short, IOT is the process where all the IP devices will just work on their own without the interventions of humans like the alarm clocks and many other devices that are already in this state as of now.

Check out below how IOT works:

  • With IOT system, everything can be turned off no matter where you are as long as there is an internet connection. Like for example if you forgot to turn off your air conditioning system, then you can just turn that off in your office and everything else that is part of the IOT of course. This means as well that risks will be avoided and you can even save in the process. You can save money in the sense that you can right away turn off electrical things wherever you are and without using any gas or money for commuting as you can just do the operation in your own desk.


  • Sensors will also be everywhere if the full IOT system will be realized. When this will push through indeed, you will then know who comes in and out of your home thus you can monitor even if you are not around and only the help is left. At the same time, you can also detect if there are water leaks or some other threats that might endanger the integrity of your home. In short, while you will be in your office, you will have peace of mind as you exactly know that your home is in a perfect condition as there are no notifications. This will be the time when the adage, new news is good news will be applied.


Yes, it will be a whole new world indeed when IOT will be realized. Everything will be easy and will be affected for the better. And to think that the odds are showing positive signals that IOT indeed might be realized.

Author Bio – Jean Piere is an IOT advocate and at the same time, an IT expert. He believes that by just observing the internet status right now, IOT is most likely to be realized.