WordPress social media plugin Is my pre-installed plugin capable

WordPress social media plugin list is too long. There are 100’s of plugins listed on WordPress plugin directory page. Few of them are having decent reviews and rating and some have recently have incepted, hence no reviews.

When we talk about a premium theme, a purchased one, it comes with premium versions of the plugin(occasionally), saving extra efforts and money over plugins. These plugins are must haves for the theme, as they are the core part of the theme.

Pre-installed plugins does not limit us from installing additional plugins. One can install other plugins and can use them alongside or disable pre-installed plugins to use them.

How pre-installed plugins can effect my website theme and website?

It is mostly beneficial for a website. A pre-installed plugin is mostly the premium version of the plugin. No additional key is needed to activate it. It also solves problem of finding a compatible plug in for a theme. A paid theme comes with a demo, so you can check it before you buy. Along with it, a documentation is also supplied with theme pack to guide you throughout the installation and configuration.

Often such premium themes comes with limited premium features which are essential for that theme

You can enjoy premium features of the plugin which is limited to that theme only.

How a pre-installed plugin different from plugin available on WordPress plugin directory?

Plugin such as a WordPress Social Media Plugin is easily accessible and free to use.

You can either download and upload them to the server or can search them from plugin page of a WordPress installed website.

Generally these plugins are free but some of them are freemium. Basic functionality is free but if you want to use its advanced features then you can buy its premium version from marketplace.

Possibilities with such plugins are limitless. One can customize them according to their custom requirement whereas pre-installed plugins comes pre-customized according to theme and may not suite to other theme upon switching themes.

Like in a sharing plugin, its icons, style and placement can be modified according to need, either via plugin settings or by adding extra codes.

How using pre-installed premium plugin and separately purchased plugin can make difference?

Both are premium version of a plugin but as soon as you start using them, difference starts to occur.

You cannot remove pre-installed plugins directly because they are very essential plugins for that theme. Removing them may break some functionalities or may change UI of the theme.

You can use separately purchased plugin with every theme and configure it according to your theme needs.

So if you are having a pre-installed sharing plugin with your theme, you have saved some bucks and made the right choice. But on other hand if you are looking for customizing it further or using it with other theme, you may have to think about buying a separate premium plugin for that.